Friday, May 6, 2016

I guess I'll start blogging again? After getting lost in the forum scape [reddit] something feels attractive about the hollow space of a blog. With every word, the question is posed: can any one hear, or is it lost in the abyss? Not contra opposing words to clash against, just the hollow dim of a random site in the world wide web etherspace.

Lately, daily maneuvers are saturated with boredom, the pale green ennui of a life un-lived except by the mechanisms and wishes of others. Even on my own successes and decisions and work, I feel a wooden track stretching forth, beyond.

Lately, I don't have an intense thoughts about style or art, although I have begot, consumed, enveloped quite a few new pieces of clothing into my wardrobe as of late.

What is my intention? Uncertain. I feel myself seeking an incomplete wholeness, like I know the approach is illusory but I want to achieve a measure of being "put together." How does one know when one is put together? When does the action of putting on clothing, the putting of separate pieces onto a functional wholeness, achieve togetherness? Isn't an outfit always together in sense, it unifies the bodily form regardless of the style, continuity, color scheme, embellishments, textiles, and on. The arm and the leg is connected by the torso, not the matching of the shirt to the pant. And yet, the second skin of clothing, the 3 dimension-ality enables an exploration of beingness, of being more than a flat surface, beyond the flat surface of our walls, streets, homes, offices, computers, screens, media, and the flatness of out personailities and lives. It provides a three dimension space, a space of coherance/incoherance. I think this comes back to the train tracks before me. At least with style, I feel controlled in a uncontrollable world.

At the very least I can create a log for my identity seeking.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Blogging: Worth It

I am not a fashion drone. I am not a work-a-day artist. I am not in marketing, pr, or the media.

So what am I doing here? Posting art and design?

Good question. Sometimes I feel truly alienated from contemporary art. It is generally entitled, mediocre, and unaware of the world. People of privilege provide the artistic eye of 2015. Their lives revolve around parties, alcohol, money, and a lacking of the critical eye and class consciousness. The experience summoned is equivalent to the consumer experience, but not in the ironic twist of pop art. For artists such as Kuhn, the balloon animal subject is serious in substance, reflective of the homogenization of identity, unlogically repetitive, and for sale in the museum gift shop.

But I feel I have a unique point of view to add in terms of art. I am on the path to expert knowledge on economics and finance. As I move from the lifestyle of my MA degree and into a RWJ (real world job), I see my time opening up tremendously for culture and taste outside of my field of study. Life, anew! Art can be a powerful critique of the economic and financial perceptions and narratives in the world, that is, if artists actually knew anything about it. Most artists are intimately intertwined - Kuhn for example was a financier in a past life. Artists of yesteryear were thinkers, flaneurs, survivors of war, poverty, and the rapid technological advancements of society. Now artists are produced by the neoclassical view. From here, my point of view begins.

...Also, trying to get back into my music!

Stay tuned.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Inspiration: URBAN SPORT





Thoughts on Blogging

Blogging has lost it's touch. Once a grassroots means of sharing one's personal thoughts and inspiration, it's now a business tool to drive demand.

I'm over it.

No longer do I find much inspiration from tumblr or online sources. All I see is advertising- pushing never-ending trends onto the blind slaves who follow the grind of fast fashion, which changed the fashion industry into this giant blob of culture overkill. Street style is being utilized by marketers as a place to showcase product (great nytimes article on this). There is a blogging bubble. Too many bloggers, too much product, and not enough consumers and money and innovation to sait everyone's appetite. Environmentally it's unsustainable, endless resources going towards creating cheap clothing. Morally it's questionable, with an entire industry of exploited workers in developing nations, which I'll post more about in the coming weeks.

The aftermath of this forthcoming fashion existentialist crisis? Physical inspiration at a more localized level in reaction to the globalization of fashion. Books and magazines I think will come back into "style", as underground zines will push movements into different places and people will clamor to escape into something more unique, more real and in touch with their lives.

I'm going to start posting photographs of things I find in real life that are inspirational. And then I'm going to release a mini magazine at the end of this semester.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

blogger spotlight: boy crush

The yin of my dream blogger yin-yang, Hapsical has a unique perspective, a certain drive, and a detachment from the narcissistic buzz circus of the Blogosphere that has made the whole fashion industry much more accesible, but also less sincere as an art form reflecting lifestyles. He writes about topics close to his heart, free of product pushing mercantilism. Expect mostly Raf Simmons, some interior design, thoughts on the industry, his own travels, his own clothing-- notable past season Raf dredged up from Yahoo Auctions Japan. His style is neo minimalism at its best, mostly devoid of color, emphasis on quality, and influenced heavy by the techno culture of the late 90s, early 2000s.