Thursday, September 20, 2012

Inspiration: URBAN SPORT





Thoughts on Blogging

Blogging has lost it's touch. Once a grassroots means of sharing one's personal thoughts and inspiration, it's now a business tool to drive demand.

I'm over it.

No longer do I find much inspiration from tumblr or online sources. All I see is advertising- pushing never-ending trends onto the blind slaves who follow the grind of fast fashion, which changed the fashion industry into this giant blob of culture overkill. Street style is being utilized by marketers as a place to showcase product (great nytimes article on this). There is a blogging bubble. Too many bloggers, too much product, and not enough consumers and money and innovation to sait everyone's appetite. Environmentally it's unsustainable, endless resources going towards creating cheap clothing. Morally it's questionable, with an entire industry of exploited workers in developing nations, which I'll post more about in the coming weeks.

The aftermath of this forthcoming fashion existentialist crisis? Physical inspiration at a more localized level in reaction to the globalization of fashion. Books and magazines I think will come back into "style", as underground zines will push movements into different places and people will clamor to escape into something more unique, more real and in touch with their lives.

I'm going to start posting photographs of things I find in real life that are inspirational. And then I'm going to release a mini magazine at the end of this semester.